Microsoft Netmeeting V2.1- allows you, at your office, and us at ours to markup the same document over the internet, a great tool for virtual project review meetings. Better yet it's provided free of charge - thanks Bill

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Graphics Viewers

    IrfanView32 - is a fast image viewer/converter for Win95/NT.  Supports a bezillion formats, is small and quick to load.

    AutoDesk WHIP  plug-in for your web browser that works with AutoCADs DWF file type. DWF files are drawings streamlined for use over the internet. Allows you to view and print your project with just your web browser. Provided courtesy of AutoDesk, Inc.

  • AutoDesk VoloView a standalone program that works with AutoCADs DWF and DWG file type. Allows you to view, print and markup your project. Also allows 3D movement in around a model. Documentation is available here.
    Provided courtesy  of AutoDesk, Inc.



Click below to open a small test file. If the file opens you’re all set. If not, just download and install the software in the left column adjacent to the test file.

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     test netmeeting

     Below are some of our recommendations for graphics viewers and Tele-conferencing software. This software, coupled with our support site provides you with:

  • Collaborative white-boarding over the internet
  • Project status reports.
  • A secure “Drop-off” and “Pickup” zone.
  • The ultimate in communication and revision control.
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     test BMP file format
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     test TIFF file format
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     test DWF file format
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     test DWG file format

File Transfer

     WS_FTP The defacto standard for FTP (file transfer protocol). A great piece of work by John Junod.

     For a better and simpler method of keeping tabs on files and projects check out “project central” an online project managemet tool.

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