news 09/01

September 11, 2001

  Our hearts go out to the survivors and the loved ones of those who perished due to the lunacy of this day.
  It is indeed tragic to see a few people willfully bring misery upon thousands for their own misguided purposes.

bye-bye billy, hello linus

  Faced with yet another server upgrade due to failings within Microsoft products we have abandoned Microsoft server software altogether and have adopted Redhat Linux 7.1, Apache webserver, and Samba 2.2. This low cost trio of products bring us into a new age of reliability and scalability. Linux is already running our storage, print, database and intranet functions. Fax, mail and other support functions will be migrated by the end of the year.

ready to change gears?

  The revised building code for New York State is due to take effect early next year and brings along some substantial changes.
  Check the link below for more information.

NYS department of state - codes division

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