• Christian Augliera, modeler extraordinaire, joined our staff in June.
  • Password protected project hosting over the WWW was added in June.
  • CD-ROM based presentation authoring services were added in August ( see below )
  • All of our workstations are now dual processor Pentium II with OpenGL graphics.
  • Visa, Master Card and Discover are now accepted.
  • Online storage has been increased 100%
  • Lightwave 3D is now part of our toolbox to supplement AutoCAD and 3D Studio.
  • We now offer a full range of digital terrain modeling services.
  • Environmental modeling capabilities have been greatly expanded.
  • A quick note, we will be finishing up our Y2K compliance testing April 28, 1999 and will be offline most of the day. Our testing is confined to our software and data. If you would like your project data scanned and tested for Y2K compliance please call our office prior to June 1 ,1999
news 05-99

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