Every year we close for the week between Christmas and New Years. During this time our systems are taken off-line and undergo upgrades. Some are minor, others change the way we work.

We received quite a few questions this year as to what was done and why. Below is a quick list of our “pet projects”;

Security - keeping your data safe.

Installed a “Real Time Intrusion Detection” system.

Allows us to monitor and defeat any attempt to attack our network.

Upgraded our firewall.

Our first line of defense, intergrated with above.

Implemented KERBOROS encryption on all servers.

Secondary defense if someone should penetrate our network. We are serious when we say  “your project data is safe with us.”

Why all the bother?
“an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

Have you been “hacked”?
No, despite several hundred attempts last year our network remained intact.

Data Storage

Added to and restructured our storage and backup arrays.

We currently have about 600 GB of online storage.
Every project we have ever done remains online for instant retrieval.

Isn’t that overkill?
Most definitely not. Properly implemented, storage arrays are very economical to bring online. This capacity allows us to serve as your archive. Archived projects can quickly and easily be retrieved for reference and integration into existing work.

Network infrastructure upgrades

Upgraded storage arrays and switches to gigabit ethernet

Allows our network to run full speed with no “bottlenecks”. Saves us time and you money.

Allows all data to be centrally located on our storage array, no data is stored on individual workstations. A very cost effective upgrade that provides the ultimate in data security and reliability.

Network software upgrades

Finished up our Linux implementation.

All servers now run on this stable and affordable OS. 


  1. Cost of licensing.
    • We estimate the savings to be over $11,000 this year alone.
  2. Reduced Exposure to computer viruses
    • Currently there are over 60,000 viruses and malicious programs designed to attack Microsoft Windows versus 100 or so designed for Linux.
  3. Reduced Hardware Requirements
    • Our existing servers (Athlon and Pentium III 600Mhz class machines) will continue in their roles for years to come. Who wants to spend money on stuff that sits in a closet anyways.

we provide the infrastructure so you don’t have to

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