Uh, wow where to start... year 2000 was a great year here at creekside graphics group.

  • we welcomed charles tuck, lan/web administrator and bob farnum, drafter/detailer to our team.
  • our infrastructure grew an order of magnitude last year to support the increased demand. if your a techie you can check it out here.
  • a huge new array of services have been added that include:
    • digital video services

      • gathering and cataloging of site video footage
      • composition of computer generated and live video images
      • broadcast quality titles and special effects
      • output of final video on svhs and dv video tape, cd-rom, the web and dvd.

      digital terrain modeling and gis

      • over 20,000 files in our gis database
      • usgs topo maps
      • one meter aerial photography
      • transportation, hydrography, land use, geology
      • zoning (for limited areas)
      • photorealistic rendering of landforms from site level to county level and beyond.
      • complete integration of cadd, gis, and visualization

      computer aided drafting / modeling

      • implemented  a revised model-centric approach to all drafting projects - reducing errors and providing a better understanding than traditional methods.
      • added a variety of advanced drafting / modeling applications
      • architectural desktop by autodesk
      • vectorworks architect
      • archt by eaglepoint
      • spatial explorer by schreiber instruments

      computer generated visualization

      • enhanced hardcopy output and mounting techniques
      • employed a multi-node render farm to decrease render times
      • added several specialized tools to speed production times
      • revised linkage between modeling and drafting decrease preproduction times

      internet services

      • greatly improved the interactivity of the “creekside connection”
      • added online project hosting - perfect for residential and light commercial construction projects.
      • added web site hosting and design - custom tailored for the aec industry

as of october 1, 2000 we incorporated with the new name of “Creekside Graphics Group, Inc.” to better reflect the services we provide

news 02/01

As of January 13, 2001 I have been a daddy for a full year and we all have survived. my daughter, Jennifer, is 14 months old now and the greatest joy of my life
here she is during a recent snow storm, ready to go as always!

on a personal note;

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