• As we enter our fourth year of operation we look back and realize a number of milestones have been reached. Others still loom in the future. While most of  these milestones are technical or financial, one was almost overlooked. Comradeship. The personal relationship with our clients has been one of the most  rewarding parts of the last few years. We not only talk about angle of repose,  color palettes and code compliance, but also of summer weekends and little  league scores. A number of you have been fishing on the creek or played a round  or two of paintball with us. This part of our business is very satisfying and appreciated. We look forward to working with our extended family of clients and  associates in the future.
  •  This last year we experienced tremendous growth and keeping up with demand  was as at times difficult. Many thanks to everyone that endured our growing pains along with us.
  • On a personal note, I would like to present my daughter, Jennifer Hope Stanton, to the world. She was born on January 13th during our first snow storm  of the season. My wife of 13 years, Penny, endured 16 hours of labor to bring her into the world and I can't thank her enough. She's our first and the single greatest joy of my life
  • "Max", our newest workstation is online and performing beyond expectations.  "Max" sports an AMD Athlon processor, dual 19" monitors and 384MB of RAM. "Max"  is outperforming our dual Pentium III's by 40% on some tasks. Hats of to AMD for  outgunning Intel!
  • Being in a remote location has some distinct disadvantages. One is hi-speed Internet access. We finally have managed to get Bell Atlantic to install ISDN out  here. This gives us better Internet access, providing continuous updates to the  "Creekside Connection".
  • The "LINKS" page has been updated with lot of our favorites. Check 'em out and bookmark what you like.
  • We have made the jump to AutoCAD 2000, Office 2000, Corel 9, and are waiting for Lightwave [6]. Will upgrade all workstations to Windows 2000 third quarter of 2000. Older file formats are still accepted however some compatibility issues do exist. Please give us a call for more information.
  • Our Linux workstation has been upgraded to Redhat 6.1 and Grass 5.02 beta. The update for GRASS is very impressive. It should give a lot of high end packages a good run for their money.


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