A few of the tools used...

AutoCad 2002

world construction set 5.3

lightwave 7.5

(2) AMD Athlon workstation, 512MB memory, 20GB disk storage, Open GL graphics, DV and SVHS video, 80GB dedicated raid 1 disk subsystem, S-video monitor

(2) dual processor Pentium III workstation, 1024MB memory, 20GB disk storage, dual monitor Open GL graphics

(1) Pentium III workstation, 512MB memory, 20GB disk storage, OpenGL graphics

(1) Pentium III PC for support services, 256MB memory, 20GB disk storage

(2) AMD Athlon Server, 1024MB memory, 320GB RAID 1 disk storage, dual network interface

(1) dual processor Pentium III Server, 512MB memory, 120GB RAID 1 disk storage, 30GB tape, CD writer, dual network interface

(1) Pentium Pro Server, 128MB memory, 8GB  disk storage

Multi-Node Athlon render farm with dedicated controller

NEC office printers
Hewlett Packard color tabloid size printer,
Hewlett Packard color 36" & 42” printers

Microtek scanner
Kurta digitizers
Ozlid 595spv blueprinter
Netgear 100 Mbit internal network
Zxyel router
JVC SVHS & Sony DV recorders

Summary Equipment list:

mediastudio pro

Archt 2000

arcview 3.2


Newtek Aura 2.5

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