Our terrain modeling capabilities can provide you with both stunning visual presentations and hard numbers to work from. Using a modified version of our “model-centric” approach, surface and subsurface features are accurately modeled and output in a wide variety of formats.

  • maps and cartographic renderings
  • time-lapse, fly-over and walk through animations
  • cad drawn thematic layers and base maps
  • cross and long sections, boring diagram
  • fence and cut-fill diagrams

  raw terrain data can be imported from almost any source including gps and existing paper maps.

our gis database of over 35,000 gis data files contains
color and infared aerial photography of the northeastern states
digital elevation models and usgs topo quads
transportation, hydrography, wetlands, land use, epa listed sites
and dozens of other gis layers
terrain modeling


digital terrain model (DEM) from usgs data


digital terrain model from site survey


digital orthophoto overlaid on dem

click below to see a few samples from our gis database

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