C.A.D. and modeling are our core services. Utilizing the latest 3D drafting software by Autodesk, Nemetschek, and others each project is drafted to your standards. We provide traditional methods for review and revision along with the latest in online document management.

To date our focus has been the drafting and modeling of residential and light commercial projects for regional architects, engineers and developers.

  • development of concept sketches
  • construction documents and shop drawings
  • marketing drawings
  • approval drawings for regulatory agencies

We also have drafting experience in
 civil and environmental engineering

  • landfill closures, plans and details
  • assessment and remediation plans
  • surface and subsurface drainage plans
  • remedial p&id and detailing
  • approval drawings for regulatory agencies

    “model-centric” means all data for a project is stored within a computer generated 3d “model” of the project.

  Using proprietary  techniques, we have developed a “model-centric” drafting process. The data created during the drafting/modeling phase can latter be “recycled” to provide engineering data, material quantities, color renderings or animation. There is no costly recreation of work or duplication of effort. The results, huge savings in time and money.

CAD & Modeling

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