To provide architects, engineers and the construction industry with high quality drafting and graphics on a flexible and economical basis.

our mission statement

why outsource ?

  • outsourcing is very cost effective.
    • no employee “downtime”
  • no capital outlay.
    • no computer hardware or software to buy, learn and maintain.
  • talent & technology pooling
    • high-end, specialized graphics and video services, a bank of computers and a team of professionals are at your disposal.

why creekside ?

  • we meet/beat deadlines & schedule requirements every time.
  • we consistently deliver high quality work to your standards.
  • we adapt to your requirements.
  • we are priced right.
  • about us

      With the emergence of new technologies we maintain close client contact despite wide geographical separations.
    The World Wide Web, FTP, and "netmeetings" have opened new possibilities for everyone. 

     We offer an alternative to maintaining in-house drafting and graphics services - outsourcing.
     Think of us as your personnel service bureau. From traditional C.A.D. drafting to streaming video presentations Creekside Graphics Group has the technology and talent to help with your project

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